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Cynthia Nixon For Governor

Governor Cuomo has considerable political muscle, but he has never used it in any way which would hurt the bottom line of his big money campaign contributors.  His support of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) has ensured that bills which could cost them money just did not come up for a vote in the New York State Senate.

Cuomo wants to be president. His strong support from organized money has given him a financial warmchest far larger than any of his potential presidential primary opponents, but Cynthia Nixon's fame has brought Cuomo's corporate side to the attention of Democrats nationally. This is a good thing.

The criticism of Nixon's candidacy is that she has no experience. Strangely people who are quick to bring this up will also acknowledge that the political system is just not working for most of us. Albany is often described as a cesspool of corruption. Why would you value experience running a corrupt system which serves organized money at the expense of the rest of us? Donald Trump has given lack of experience a bad name, but that lack is not why he is deplorable. Experience running a rotten system is not a plus.

Nixon is smart enough and decent enough to find the right people--honest people to hire. She is wise enought to do her homework on complicated issues.

The fact is that Nixon's campaign is advancing progressive ideas and values while exposing Cuomo's corporate side and spotlighting the widespread corruption in Albany.

Here are some of issues Cynthia is fighting for:

Reproductive freedom

Fixing the subways

Schools--not jails

Rent justice for all

Legalizing marijuana

Divers licenses for all regardless of immigration status

A clean energy economy and climate justice

Curbing the influence of big money in politics

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