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Concerned Citizens for Change is a grassroots organization working to advance progressive issues at the city, state and federal levels.  
Alessandra Biaggi For State Senate


Alessandra is the type of person we need to elect if we are to have any chance of moving our government off the road to oligarchy and back onto the road to democracy. She is the type of person we need to elect if we want to address economic inequality so we can preserve the threatened middle class and give poor people a chance to move into the middle class.

Her ideals match the progressive ideals for which Concerned Citizens For Change is working. She is a bright, young, energetic, fearless dynamo who will work hard for us. Alessanda has had experience working on campaigns and in state government, but she was not corrupted by it. Instead, she has remained idealistic and realizes there must be changes.
She will go all out for us.
You can learn more about her here:

Her opponent, incumbent state Senator Jeff Klein, has hurt us by taking a controversial action which violated one of America’s oldest political norms. He ran for election as a Democrat, but when elected he organized a small group of other state senators, who were also elected as Democrats, to vote to put the Republicans in charge of the New York State Senate. Klein called this group of turncoats the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC). Their votes made a Republican the Majority Leader of the State Senate, with the power to block even popular bills from getting a vote. Without an affirmative vote from both houses of the legislature no bill can become a law. Because of Klein a whole bunch of progressive bills which passed the Assembly were killed in the Senate because they couldn’t get a vote.

Here’s just a little sample:

The NY Health Act—single payer
The Reproductive Health Act—would protect a woman’s right to an abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned
The NY Liberty Act—would protect immigrants from abuses
the Child Victims Act—would extend the statute of limitations for reporting child sexual abuse
Tenant Protections—would strengthen Rent Stabilization and limit rent increases
Voting Rights Legislation
Ethics Reform
The Climate & Community Protection Act—would end 100% of human-caused climate pollution in New York by 2050.
The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA)—would protect transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers 
The DREAM Act—would advance educational opportunities for immigrant children

Additionally, Republicans have also gained increased leverage in budget negotiations because Klein gave them control of the state Senate. This has translated to less money for our schools.

You can learn more about the IDC at these two websites:


At this point the IDC says they will caucus with the Republicans going forward, but they made the same promise in the past and didn’t live up to it. We don’t trust them.

We endorsed Alessandra Biaggi because we think she is terrific and because we know she will work for, not against, the issues and legislation we support.
Alessandra's Website
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