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Concerned Citizens for Change is a grassroots organization working to advance progressive issues at the city, state and federal levels.  
Our membership has grown to include folks from lower Westchester, upper Manhattan and other parts of the Bronx so we recently changed​ our name from--
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A grassroots organization working to advance progressive politics

America is at a crossroads. Will we be a nation Of the people, By the people and For the people, or a nation where, We the People, merely exist to serve the super rich, huge corporations and Wall Street?  

What FDR called organized money is constantly at work trying to get government, at all levels, to advance its interests. Often, this means great harm to the majority of our citizens. Examples abound: the lack of regulations which allowed the sketchy financial practices that led to the Great Recession; the manufacture and sale of products that threaten our health and even our lives; tax loopholes which shift the elite’s share of the cost of government on to the rest of us; promoting climate change for profit. The list goes on and on. But we have a choice!  We can pay attention to what our politicians are doing and act to get them to really represent us and protect our interests.  

Despite Trimp if ordinary folks get informed and get involved, then, We the People, will achieve progressive change on: Income Inequality–Racism--Jobs–-Climate Change And The Environment--Wall Street, The Banks And Giant Corporations—Immigration—Peace—Education—Ending The Grip That Organized Money Has On Our Political Government, And More.  

Join us today to help bring progressive change at the city, state and federal level. 
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The Coup
Becoming president via the Electoral College is more like leading a successful coup than it is like winning a democratic election. The Electoral College is an anachronism which was created for two reasons:
1) to convince the slave states to join the Union.
2) to create an elite body which could overrule the general public if they elected somebody the wealthiest men in the nation found really dangerous to their interests.

Hamilton and Madison soon became disillusioned with their creation when the nascent political parties threw idealism out the window and used this device for partisan advantage. There is no logical or moral reason to keep it today.

There is a political reason why it hasn't been abolished. Republicans have learned that it gives them an advantage when presidential elections are close in certain states. So, getting rid of it is an uphill battle because state legislatures must pass certain legislation to reach in order to do away with it.  New York has already taken the steps necessary to make the Electoral College irrelevant. You can click here to find out what needs to be done in other states:

Does Trump Have A Mandate?
He will most certainly attempt to convince the public he does, but he surely does not. Hillary won the popular vote by almost three million more votes. When you add in all the people who would have voted for her, but were not able to do so because of various forms of voter suppression the number of Americans who are opposed to his programs grows even larger. In fact, many experts believe that if there had been no voter suppression Hillary would have won the Electoral College going away. Then add in all those who voted for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein and that gap between Trump and the American public grows still larger. Finally add in all those who foolishly stayed home and didn’t vote at all because they didn’t like any of the candidates and they thought it didn’t matter who won. Even discounting the possibility that voting machines were manipulated, it is clear that Trump lost the vote and will be a minority vote president.

He does not have a mandate and Democrats must not act like he has one.

Were The Voting Machines Rigged?
This article below makes it clear that voting machines can be rigged, but no one knows if voting machines were manipulated in key states during this election. That is the reason Concerned Citizens For Change supported Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s efforts to a launch a recount. Unfortunately the recount was blocked. Our system could be made invulnerable to hacking by using paper ballots in addition to voting machines and routinely recounting those paper ballots after an election. It is a shame our country does not want to spend the money to ensure that our elections can’t be stolen.

What Trump Will Do?
Trump is the consummate American con man. He eclipses Barnum, Ponzi, Madoff, and George Parker who made a habit of selling the Brooklyn Bridge. His motto was first uttered by Hungry Joe who said, “There is a sucker born every minute.” Even a cursory look at Trump's business career reveals that he doesn’t mind cheating people.

He said he would drain the swamp in Washington of those who were there to serve the economic elite. A look at his cabinet and other appointments shows he picked people from the streets. Unfortunately those streets are Wall Street and K Street.

He will betray the voters who chose him because they thought he would change the economy to rein in organized money for the benefit of the working class. Look at his             .  It is simply more of the same policies which have been crushing the middle class and the poor since the 1970’s. It is a plan to put money into the pockets of giant corporations and the super rich like himself. It will really hurt the people.

Trump is a master of bait and switch. Students at Trump University learned this. So did workers and contractors he hired and various business partners. Unfortunately, enough American voters were taken in to allow him to engineer an Electoral College coup. 

So what happens if the public starts to catch on that they have been scammed ? We believe he will try to distract people by directing their anger at weaker segments of our society. He was happy to use racism, xenophopbia, misogyny, religious intolerance, anti-Semitism and prejudice against LBGT individuals to bring voters to the polls. We are afraid he will try to stir up those emotions to dsitract people from his failures.

The next few years will be difficult, but we can fight back.

We will find ways to fight back.

We have to fight back.

We will become the RESISTANCE. 






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The New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN) is a statewide coalition which grew out of the grassroots effort for Bernie Sanders in our state. It is dedicated to advancing the progressive goals that the Sanders campaign was based on. Concerned Citizens For Change is proud to have been accepted as a chapter of that coalition. You can view their website by clicking on their icon below.
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