Northwest Bronx
for Change

Concerned Citizens for Change is a grassroots organization working to advance progressive issues at the city, state and federal levels.  
Our membership has grown to include folks from lower Westchester, upper Manhattan and other parts of the Bronx so we recently changed​ our name from--
Northwest Bronx



A grassroots organization working to advance progressive politics

America is at a crossroads. Will we be a nation Of the people, By the people and For the people, or a nation where, We the People, merely exist to serve the super rich, huge corporations and Wall Street?  

What FDR called organized money is constantly at work trying to get government, at all levels, to advance its interests. Often, this means great harm to the majority of our citizens. Examples abound: the lack of regulations which allowed the sketchy financial practices that led to the Great Recession; the manufacture and sale of products that threaten our health and even our lives; tax loopholes which shift the elite’s share of the cost of government on to the rest of us; promoting climate change for profit. The list goes on and on. But we have a choice!  We can pay attention to what our politicians are doing and act to get them to really represent us and protect our interests.  

If ordinary folks get informed and get involved, then, We the People, will achieve progressive change on: Income Inequality–Racism--Jobs–-Climate Change And The Environment--Wall Street, The Banks And Giant Corporations—Immigration—Peace—Education—Ending The Grip That Organized Money Has On Our Political Government, And More.  

Join us today to help bring progressive change at the city, state and federal level. 
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Concerned Citizens For Change
Is Proud We Endorsed 
Bernie Sanders

After careful consideration, and a thoughtful and informative debate among our members, Northwest Bronx for Change voted to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2016 presidential election. 

The majority of our members agreed that, on most issues, Senator Sanders was the most progressive of the three Democrats running for president and, therefore, the one candidate whose views are most in line with our own positions on the issues we have fought hard to defend or combat.  After years of American politics steadily being pushed to the right by organized money the Sanders Campaign is pushed it in the other direction.  

​Bernie didn't get the nomination, but a movement is emerging from his campaign. We intend to be part of it.

Bernie endorsed Hillary at the convention.

At our July 30th meeting we voted to follow Berie's advice and---

Bernie said Hillary was light years ahead of Trump as a candidate and a person. Bernie said Trump was so unfit that he must not only be defeated, but must be defeated decisively. 

Organized money has indeed rigged our economic and political systems to grow ever richer at the expense of the rest of us. The middle class is shrinking and it is harder and harder to escape poverty. People get anxious and angry.

Bernie’s campaign was all about focusing on organized money so that we can make government work for We the People. Trump is a con man and a racist who is misdirecting attention away from where it should go to groups of Americans who make easier targets: Muslim Americans, Mexicans, Blacks, Native Americans. America can’t afford a racist president and his proposed tax cuts would make income inequality zoom.

He doesn’t think women should be treated equally with men.

He thinks climate change is a hoax.

He is clearly impulsive and has the potential to get us into war. Just listen to him talk about using nuclear weapons. Fear that the other side is going to strike first is exactly what could trigger a nuclear exchange. 

And, then there is the Supreme Court. The next president will likely appoint several new justices. Clinton's appointees would be in the mold of Ginsburg and Sotomayor. Trump's would be like Scalia and Alito. The make up of the Supreme Court will affect the direction of our country for the next twenty or thirty years.

Either Hillary or Trump will be our next president. Even those who aren’t happy with Hillary as the nominee should consider volunteering for her in order to stop this dangerous man.

He won his primary for the Democratic nomination for State Senator. Senator Rivera is a progressive who is was twice elected to the New York State Senate. He has been a staunch supporter of all the legislation we would like to see our state enact. He was challenged in the Democratic primary by City Council Member Fernando Cabrera.

Progressive legislation is able to pass in the Democratic controlled New York Assembly, but never comes up for a vote in the Republican controlled State Senate. There is a chance that enough Democrats will be elected to the New York State Senate this year to give them control of that house of the legisalature. Cabrera was heavily financed by hedge fund managers and outspent Senator Rivera. He would surely have worked for organized money instead of us. And he likely would have caucused with the Republicans had he been elected, thus allowing them to maintain control.

We were proud to have endorsed the senator and to have helped his reelection campaign.


Zephyr Teachout is running for a House seat in a district which is evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. There is a real chance she could win. She is a real progressive champion, who as an unknown, ran against Andrew Cuomo and did so well that he has moved to the left on several issues. She would join Bernie and Elizabeth Warren as an additional articulate and forceful voice for our side in Congress if she wins in November

Listen to his speech.

And Now Concerned Citizens For Change
Endorses Hillary Clinton

We Also
Endorsed State Senator Gustavo Rivera

And We Also
Endorse Zephyr Teachout

    It's very important that you are able to vote in the primaries. If you are not registered to vote, or have not declared a party affiliation in order to cast a vote in the primaries (as required by some states), please take a look at upcoming registration deadlines in your state we have listed in the Election Calendar section For New York State residents, please visit the Board of Elections web page for information on

Polling Place in District 10, Bronx, New York